One Stray Remark Can Get You Sued For Harassment!

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1. California Sexual Harassment Legislation Will Make it More Difficult for Employers to Resolve Claims

One stray remark can now lead to a harassment lawsuit in California with the adoption of Senate Bill 1300, amending the Government Code. This new law now makes a simple incident of one stray remark potentially relevant in a sexual harassment suit. It defines “impermissible conduct” as disrupting emotional tranquility in the workplace or otherwise interfering with a victim’s work.

Finally, this new law (Senate Bill 1300) says a summary judgment disposing of this type of case is rarely appropriate.

Comment: If you cannot get rid of these cases on a summary judgment, the deck is stacked in favor of a plaintiff even if the case is a he said/she said. As you know, litigation costs can be so high that a settlement paying off the plaintiff even though the case is frivolous, sometimes makes more sense. California is such a great place to work if you are an employee and not such a great place to own a business if you are the employer.

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